I’m so sorry dear lovely readers,

I’m really sorry guys, I know I promised I was going to write something once I was done with school. I know that whatever I say would sound like an excuse, but let me just explain what’s going on. 

Toward the end of the semester, I had this huge paper to do to pass the course. Yes, passing that course depends on how well I wrote that paper. And I was so tired and I didn’t have any motivation and inspiration to write anything. Plus, I have to babysit kids so I don’t even have time to write.

But still, I don’t have any inspirations to write, mind sending some suggestions in? I really appreciate the readers that chose to continue following me despite my lack of activeness. Thank you guys! 


yeah i’m just dropping by to say to you lovely people. i’m really thankful for you guys to keep following me even when i’m inactive ;__; i’ve been bombarded with essays and exams so i won’t be active any time soon :c BUT I PROMISE I’LL WRITE SOMETHING ONCE I’M DONE! C: 

i guess there’s about a month left before i’m free… so uhh i’ll be back with something…. In the mean time, if you have any suggestions for me to write, feel free to message me! Because the more i get responses from you guys, the more i’ll feel motivated to write keke c:

01: Pain

A/N: Hey guys! It’s my first time writing something like this. It’s actually a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally short fic describing how I feel at the moment. So I hope you guys will like it. ^^ I don’t express myself very well so if there are any feedbacks, suggestions or whatever, please tell me about it! Thank you! 

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When he fetches you from work

A/N: Hey people, it’s been a while eh? I’ve been busy and lazy lately. Sorry about that. Here, I hope you don’t mind taking this scenario as an apology? keke. Enjoy! 

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Guess who’s *kinda* back?

Hey followers!

It’s been a long time since I came on eh? (By the way, thank you for all new followers for following me even though I was on hiatus!) Sorry about that. I was really busy with school work and I started working recently. So now that I’m back, I’ll have more time to write I guess. Since I’m working, it will take me more time to write since I’ll be dead tired after work hehe but I’ll do my best ^^

Don’t forget that you can request even though I am on hiatus… or not. 

Thank you for writing it for me!^^ I really like it! *~* omg you wrote it late at night? It's so good ;^;

no problem ^^ i’m glad you like it~

and thank you, i guess my imagination gives better results at night hahah